Your personal trainer makes all the difference at fit20 London Chiswick

The secret of the fit20 training is that you can just exceed your strength limit in a short amount of time and in a safe manner. Especially those last few seconds you think you can’t do will be enormously beneficial in getting you the results you want. To do the fit20 training right you need the professional guidance of your personal trainer.

The fit20 trainers have all successfully completed our rigorous academy program to help you get the best results. They make certain your technique is good and correct your posture where needed. They also coach you through the intense parts and help you stay motivated. You just have to show up and do your best.

20 minutes of personal attention for you

fit20 is high-intensity training. That’s why 20 minutes of personal attention by your trainer is enough to improve the way your body functions. All of our trainers are certified through the fit20 Academy, the HIT specialist center.

Affordable and highly effective personal training

The fit20 training method is specifically designed to give the maximum health improvement in a minimal amount of time. That’s why fit20 is affordable. You work hard with your trainer, but you’re also done within 20 minutes. More time is not necessary.

Safe for everybody

Your fit20 trainer knows exactly how far you should go. Whether you’re super fit, have some physical limitation, cope with weight issues, young or old, have joint or muscle problems, or you’re dealing with chronic disease. Your trainer coaches you toward your best performance every time, so you can reach your personal health and fitness goals. They are there to ensure you do all the exercise precisely and safely and they record all your results in our fit20 App, so you can always see your progress.

Your weekly top performance

The trainer adjusts the equipment to your individual specifications, decides how to best train all your major muscle groups, ensures your pace and posture are good, and motivates you when it gets difficult. He or she is there for support when your self-motivation gets a little shaky. The trainer coaches you from the first to the last training minute, this way you can fully concentrate to focus on your top performance for the week. By sticking to your weekly appointment you can be sure you are building strength and improving your health with steady increments.

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