Are the media and our PM finally addressing the elephant in the room?

That our health - in particular excess body weight and the complications it causes - can be a huge contributor to our likelihood of becoming ill.

Take Dr H on Good Morning Britain, discussing 'Is Corona Virus More Deadly to Those Carrying More Body Fat? for example, see this video.

Thing is, it can be hard to lose weight and get back on top of our health at the best of times. Even when we know it's 100% the right thing to do. Let alone when we're facing more restrictions on our finances, freedom and way of life than ever before. But there's hope. In the last 8 weeks we've seen people literally turn their life around.

  • Lose weight
  • Improve their health
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  • And become fitter and more energised

It absolutely can be done. At fit20 we're 100% committed to helping you tackle the challenges you'll face in getting your health back on track. Whether you've been meaning to for a few weeks of a few years.

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