Focus on Franchise Owners: Attila Leb

We asked fit20 Chiswick studio owner and personal trainer, Attila Leb to tell us about his journey to fit20.

"I first came upon the fit20 concept in the Netherlands where it originated. My partner is Dutch and we spent a fair amount of time there. At first I was sceptical, but a single visit to one of the studios was enough to convince me that this programme is a real game changer.

I met the UK team at the Birmingham Franchise Show and hearing them speaking with such passion about improving the health and fitness of as many people as possible with fit20 confirmed it was the right thing for me. As soon as we moved to Chiswick in 2018, I set about finding a suitable location so people could experience what I had experienced for themselves on their doorstep.

From the perspective of starting up a new business I loved the fit20 franchise model as all of the marketing and branding was either done for me or made easy to follow with a set plan. It’s also great to have the support from head office to chat through my business plans at any point.

The best thing about fit20 for the customers is that it eliminates all the excuses for doing high quality training consistently. And consistency is key!

Just one 20 minutes workout per week, you don't even have to change. It has never been easier and safer to do high intensity load bearing exercise.

It works because our members love the convenience of the training, the personal attention during each and every session, the privacy of the studio and of course the results they get from just one session a week.

The fit20 training is ideal for busy people, seniors, amateur athletes or those who dislike sports or gyms.

It is so great to see the members feeling generally better within a few weeks - noticing stronger muscles, improved cardiovascular fitness, posture and better body shape. In short: more energy and stamina to go about their daily activities which is something we could all do with!"

You can get in touch with Attila and arrange a free training session at:

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