NOURISH. A webinar on eating well in Lockdown with Sam Wilkinson

Our Lockdown 3.0 webinar series kicked off with an insightful guide from nutrition coach, Sam Wilkinson on eating better in lockdown, with lots of great actionable tips.

During lockdown many people find themselves walking over the fridge just for something to do, or ordering a few too many takeaways just to break up the week. Some of us decide to start an extreme diet but then a couple of days in we ‘fall off the wagon’.

Sam talked us through how can we NOURISH ourselves with the right foods to give us energy and the nutrition we need in this unusual time.

Sam explained the importance of making small changes rather than a full overhaul of our diet and mindset, as this means that we can make real changes that we stick with. Which results in you eating better and feeling better!

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