WAKE. A webinar on setting a great morning routine with Adam Smith

Our webinar series continued with Adam Smith of Big Roar Coaching, giving us some great advice on setting up for success in the mornings.

Adam began by addressing the fact that we have all had our basic human needs of certainty taken away from us due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, one of the main reasons that people are struggling at the moment is because we don’t know when things are going to go back to ‘normal’. Therefore, highlighting the importance of a good morning routine, to help our mental health.

Adam explained how the first step to a great morning routine, is a great night routine. This is because setting ourselves up to have a great morning routine is crucial for its success.

Read below Adam’s top 5 tips for a great night and morning routine.

Night Routine (30-40 minutes)

  1. Don’t touch your phone 30-60 minutes before bed. This is because the blue light from your phone screen sets your brain into overdrive, which therefore causes sleeping difficulties. Therefore, putting your phone away from your bed, it allows your brain to rest until you go to sleep.
  2. Take a hot 2-5 minute shower as recommended by sleep specialist Matt Walker.
  3. Write your to-do list, by doing this the night before it doesn’t eat into your morning. When writing your list, set 3 top tasks. This way, you allow yourself to gain momentum the next morning, instead of overwhelming yourself with too many tasks.
  4. Meditate in darkness. Adam recommended apps such as Headspace and Calm for guided meditation.
  5. Finally, put on your eye mask and listen to a bedtime story. This allows you to focus on your breathing, causing you to relax.

Morning Routine (90 minutes)

  1. Get out of bed to turn off your alarm from where you set it aside from the night before - this way you do not waste any time checking your apps! Then wash your face, brush your teeth, and drink a pint of water to hydrate yourself. Followed by 20 star jumps to get your blood flow pumping and make your bed.
  2. Then go downstairs and do peak state meditation for two minutes (read more about peak state meditation here), as this increases testosterone by 19%, decreases cortisol (stress) by 18%, and makes you 33% more likely to take action. Follow on from this by practising gratitude.
  3. Have a healthy breakfast.
  4. Go on a walk and listen to an audiobook. This results in a high return on time through constantly consuming positive content.
  5. Write down your goals for the day.

This is purely a guideline which can be tailored to your needs, the important part is slowly incorporating these elements into your everyday life.

Click below to rewatch the full webinar: