Turn your resolutions into results!

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Make this year different.

As far as your health, strength and fitness are concerned, we have the plan that can help you do just that. You see it’s not just about wanting to do something that ensures success. It’s about having a plan that you can and will be able to stick to . And a plan that if you stick to it, will give the results you are after. Doing the right thing at the right time.

The top 3 reasons people quit a new year’s resolution to get fitter and healthier are:
1. Lack of time
2. Lack of results
3. Lack of knowlegde

Lack of time
It’s easy to find the time, set it aside or even make the time when motivation and focus are high. But as you get into your regular life routine of work, family and kids, time becomes scarce. And you just need one curve ball like a tight deadline at work, or a family problem to send you into a tailspin with that new year’s resolution!

Lack of results
As humans we are hard wired in our brains to get a dopamine hit each time we get a reward or sense of achievement! And if your progress stalls, or you stop showing up consistently, progress drops and you quit or find yourself filling your time doing other things that feel more rewarding. That could be something constructive such as working more on your job or spending more time with family. Or, deciding the gym isn't for you and you’re now going to try running cycling or something. Eventually you quit. Sound familiar? Maybe not you but someone you know?!

Lack of knowledge
The third reason most people quit or get disheartened is not knowing what to do! Having an expert coach with a track record of having successfully helped people in your exact situation is worth its weight in gold! If you can get past your own self consciousness and take a moment to look around the gym, you’ll see lots of uncertain, tentative people who haven’t really got a clue what they’re doing. If an injury doesn’t abruptly halt their progress, then the lack of confidence in whether they’re doing the exercise correctly soon will. The feeling that someone’s watching over you compounds the unease and you decide it just doesn’t feel right to be in that environment and you quit. Thereafter, the only weight you lose is once a month from your bank balance when the direct debit is taken by the company!

But there is a solution
What if you could get an effective workout that triggers your body to adapt to an optimal stimulus, triggering it to get stronger, more agile, fitter and more flexible?

And you worked under the guidance of an expert who stood by you at each session, helping you through the workout.

If you like this so far, then here’s the best bit: you only need 20 minutes a week, it’s by appointment at a time to suit you and results are guaranteed! By now you’re probably thinking this sounds took good to be true! We get it, which is why we offer a free try out session so you can experience it for yourself.

So, are you ready to turn that resolution into a result now? Why not give it a try and make this year different?